Jenny C. Servo, PH.D.

Creative Director

Getting the best out of the creative team and providing the vision, the look, the feel, and the tone of our services is Jenny’s passion. She raises the bar integrating video, graphic design, and literary talents in complex projects and challenges each of us to excel and forge new and complementary directions. When not working extraordinary hours, you will find Jenny in her garden, splashing color around with an assortment of flowers or hiking through the countryside.


Brian Boucheron

Graphic Designer

Brian is a print designer by day, hobby roboticist by night. Soon enough, he will perfect his replacement, the DesignBot 2000, and retire his human body to a goat farm in Vermont. In the meantime, he likes to work on all things printed.

Brian earned a BFA in Graphic Design from Rochester Institute of Technology.


Annie Browar

Graphic Designer

If you’re not careful, Annie will take your simple print project and turn it into a beautiful example of ink and paper coming together in a glorious union of texture and color.

Oh, that’s exactly what you’re looking for? Great! In her off time, Annie can be found — still in her office — exploring ways to utilize new papers and print styles.

Annie graduated from Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Graphic Design.


Julie Krull, MA

Business/Technical Writer

Writing is hard, and often involves filling your brain with many disparate facts and concepts before they can be distilled into a single coherent statement. Julie hones this skill in her off time by practicing yoga while watching football and pondering alien conspiracy theories. If her brain can process all of that at once, surely she’s game for even your most challenging writing tasks.

Julie received her M.A. in Journalism from the University of Miami, where she also wrote, hosted and produced a weekly sports show on cable television dedicated to Hurricane sports. She also holds a B.A. in Technical Communications from RIT.


Eliza Gough, MLS


Eliza writes the same way that she cooks; everything is artfully prepared and full of delightful components. Whether it is a press release or a souffle, she strives to produce crowd-pleasing, inspiring, and well constructed pieces. When Eliza is not whipping up masterpieces, you can find her teaching her Bichon Frise how to speak French.

Eliza earned a Masters in Library Science from SUNY Buffalo.


David Hunt

Web/Graphic Designer

With a strong passion to learn and grow, David is always finding new ways to advance his creative print and web designs. When working on a project, he will see it through from beginning to end striving to make sure all problems are solved to create an amazing end result.

David graducted from SUNY Fredonia with a BFA in visual arts and new media, concentrating in graphic design.


Tom Storm

Graphic Designer

Tom concentrates in both Graphic Design and Animation. He received his BFA in Visual Arts & New Media from SUNY Fredonia in 2011. Design intrigues him both on the printed page, in interactive form, and in motion. Having worked as a lead designer and animator in the Digital Signage industry for over 3 years, Tom joined Dawnbreaker in April of 2015.

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